Some videos win or lose based on the artist's performance. Luckily for Scottish producer Rustie, his 'Attak' visual featuring Danny Brown wins on all levels.

Rhyming and dancing frantically over a track that's equally as hectic, Brown spits clever lines in his signature high-pitched flow.

"N---- must think they real or something / Go ahead and pop a pill or something / You ain't f---in' with me might as well O.D. / So after that one take 10 times three / Danny Brown bitch and that boy Rustie / Got the game on lock like we changed the key," he rhymes.

During the verses, lyrics, animation and all sorts of graphics appear on-screen, keeping the viewer's eyes fairly busy. But it's the 33-year-old rapper's performance that makes the video entertaining, as he does a good job of allowing his charisma to shine in front of the camera.

The 'Attak' video clearly shows that bells and whistles aren't always needed to make a compelling visual, just an animated rapper who isn't afraid to let it all hang out.

'Attak' arrives on Rustie's new album, 'Green Language,' due Aug. 26.