There are quarterback controversies in football and there seems to be one brewing in pop music when it comes to Rita Ora and Rihanna.

Rumor has it that Ora, who has earned more than her fair share of comparisons to RiRi (thanks to their style, their sound and their stewardship by Jay-Z), has snagged a role in the six installment of 'The Fast and the Furious' film franchise right out from under Rihanna's nose.

While RiRi is preparing for her first No. 1 with her seventh album 'Unapologetic,' Ora has reportedly been offered the villain role in the next edition of the car film franchise, a part that producers had been eyeing for Rihanna. Turns out Rihanna's super busy schedule prevented her from being able to commit to the film and Ora will step in alongside Vin Diesel and play a baddie.

A source told The Sun that even though RiRi's film debut, the supposed-to-be-summer-blockbuster 'Battleship' was a flop, she still turned Hollywood heads with her performance. The insider said, "Rihanna impressed movie bosses with her role in 'Battleship.' But schedules didn’t work out and Rita really shone during castings. They loved her look and her attitude."

Sounds like a case of the next best thing for producers, even though Ora is adorbs in her own right.

Ora's spokesperson didn't confirm or comment on her client's possible casting.

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