Beyonce's notorious BeyHive have aimed their stingers on yet another woman who may be the elusive "Becky" -- Rita Ora.

Beyonce's fans -- and other onlookers -- have been desperately trying to identify the "Becky" Queen Bey is referencing in her latest visual album, Lemonade. “He only want me when I'm not on there / He better call Becky with the good hair," sings Beyonce on the track "Sorry."

Ora brought attention to herself when she appeared on Snapchat in a bikini embroidered with lemons and a necklace with the letter "J." Immediately, fans made the connection to Beyonce's album, Lemonade, and her hubby, Jay Z.

But if there was an affair, there's certain to be trouble in "paradise" now. Ora is signed to Roc Nation (aka Jay Z's label) but the two have been at odds since last year.

Back in December, Ora filed a lawsuit in an attempt to get off the label citing that she is unable to get the backing she needs to complete an album. Roc Nation has since filed a $2.4 million countersuit against the British singer in February.

Rachel Roy was originally thought to be the "becky" in question causing the BeyHive to go in on her via her Instagram page. The fashion designer, who worked with Jay on his line, Rocawear, was rumored to be the reason behind Solange's fight with Jay Z in the elevator as well. Roy has since came out to say that she "respects love, marriages, family and strength."

Check out Rita Ora's Snapchat post below.

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