Rihanna took a break from sharing topless photos of herself to post something equally tongue-wagging and conversation-starting. The singer shared a snap of her former (and, from the looks of it, current) boyfriend Chris Brown in bed.

Okay, so maybe it's not that kind of "in bed." But Breezy, who spent Thanksgiving with Rihanna in Berlin, Germany, is sprawled out on the bed, laying on his face, without a shirt. Hey, at least someone is shirtless in this picture! His pants are sagging low and his drawers are exposed. Is it us or does that look like Rihanna's handbag on the bed, near his head? Could be!

RiRi captioned the shot: "Dis n----....... #BartObsessed," in what we think is a reference to Bart Simpson on the sheets.

While the photo doesn't show RiRi and Breezy in any sort of compromising position, it does prove that they are constantly in close proximity to one another. It's also another piece of photographic evidence that they are a lot closer than they admit in the press.

What do you think? Is this photo more proof of ChRihanna's togetherness or is it just two people "working on their friendship" and having a good time?

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