Our condolences to Rihanna. The singer jetted off to Barbados for the funeral of her beloved grandmother, “Gran Gran” Dolly Braithwaite.

The singer had her black hair piled atop her head in a pretty, sophisticated curly updo, sported a conservative black halter dress, black and gold heels (still fierce, even at a funeral) and deep plum lipstick. Her nails were her typical talon-length and painted gold, matching her bracelet and rings, and sported simple (albeit large) pearl earrings. She later changed from her heels to high top black Converse to walk around in.

Braithwaite passed away on July 1 following a battle with cancer. Rihanna took to Twitter to mourn her beloved Gran Gran and post personal photos of her with her adorable late grandmother. Rihanna tweeted a photo last night of herself alone with a bottle, presumably of beer, writing, “I had to!!! Sorry granny.”

RiRi was particularly close to Braithwaite, so she took her death hard. She delivered what’s been described as a disastrous performance in Sweden, which could be easily forgiven given her tragic circumstances. Her work ethic is better than ever, delivering a kick butt show at the Barclaycard Wireless Festival this weekend.

Our thoughts remain with Rihanna during this difficult time.