Rihanna is one sexy gal, make no mistake about it. So, it's not shocking that so many celebrities want to smooch with the Bajan songbird. Miley Cyrus can now be added to the list.

Although the singer-actress is engaged to hunky actor Liam Hemsworth she recently admitted that she wants to make out with RiRi.

And guess what? Rihanna accepts!

TMZ caught up with the 'Diamonds' singer in Los Angeles and asked her if she wanted to suck face with Cyrus.

Frustrated with the question, Rihanna quickly responded, "Yeah, tell her to call me."

Now the ball is in Cyrus' court. Hopefully, if the two lovely songbirds meet up, there will be a camera around to capture the moment.

As you may know, Rihanna isn't shy when it comes to taking photos, so fans would definitely be informed of their meeting on Instagram.

We wonder what Chris Brown thinks of all of this?

What do you think? Can Rihanna do better than Miley Cyrus? Tell us in the comments below.