Just what in the world is going on in this video of Rihanna, you may ask? Let us break it down for you.

Rihanna fans are camped outside what looks like a balcony in Manchester, England, waiting for a glimpse of the singer. As Ri-Ri emerges to use the bathroom, the fans go wild, screaming, clamoring and calling out her name.

While Rihanna first heads toward the ladies' room, she changes her mind (maybe it was occupied and she really had to go?) and opts for the men's room instead. Only a few moments later, she re-emerges from that bathroom, forcefully removing a man from the restroom. Was he a creepy fan, a paparazzo, or just some guy who needed to use the bathroom just as badly as she did? We couldn't tell ya.

The clip then changes to Drake walking out of the bathroom, though it's unclear whether he and Rihanna (who, of course, are rumored to be dating) were in there at the same time. Of course, the fans go nuts for him, too.

Suffice it to say, this is probably the strangest video of Rihanna and Drake we have ever seen. Watch the bizarre clip above.