Rihanna poured her heart out on stage for a performance of "Love on the Brain" at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (May 22).

Laverne Cox and Lindsey Vonn had the honor of introducing the Bajan beauty to the stage. While Vonn called Rihanna "electrifying," Cox said that Ri-Ri is "mezmorizing to listen to and watch." We can't argue with that. Then, the lights dimmed and Rihanna came out.

While donning a green ensemble -- including a fur and sunglasses reminiscent of her "Bitch Better Have My Money" look from the 2015 iHeart Music Awards show last year, Rihanna started to sing her soulful hit from her latest album, Anti.

The backdrop kept with the theme with a simple green light highlighting the background. As Rihanna belted out the song, she was definitely feeling the track as she became expressive. At one point, instead of saying mothaf--kin she let out an "mmph." Another time, she couldn't help but to drop the "f bomb", which was bleeped out by the award show.

Towards the end, the "Work" singer got down and dirty. She grooved and grinded to the ground before ending the performance. Afterwards, she smiled at her cheering crowd.

Ri-Ri was supposed to perform "Kiss it Better" at the Grammy Awards earlier this year but it ended up not happening. It seems that this time she opted for another track off of her highly successful album. Rihanna, who's spend a total of 60 weeks at the No. 1 spot of Billboard's Hot 100 Songs chart, also had a whopping total of 14 No. 1 songs.

In addition to her performance, Rihanna also won the Billboard Chart Achievement Award.

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