Rihanna and Chris Brown have gotten tons of tabloid mileage out of the ginned-up drama surrounding their rumored reconciliation -- and if her live Facebook interview yesterday (Nov. 8) is any indication, we're going to keep seeing "are they or aren't they" stories about the chart-topping duo for quite some time.

Brown was, of course, a persistent topic during the chat, which was hosted by 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen. As Entertainment Weekly reports, the topic of their troubled relationship was first broached during a round of 'Spill the Tea,' basically a word association game in which Cohen asks his guests to respond to phrases with the first thing that comes to mind. After getting warmed up by tossing Rihanna a few softballs like Kanye West ("genius"), Beyonce ("gorgeous — a stab to my self-esteem"), and Nicki Minaj ("a--"), Cohen got right to the heart of the matter and said the magic words: "Chris Brown."

"He’s pretty dope, too," responded a laughing Rihanna. "He’s kinda alright." And although she smiled and said no to Cohen's follow-up query about whether or not the two were dating, it wouldn't be the last time the question would come up during the interview.

Later, when talk turned to her upcoming album 'Unapologetic' (due Nov. 19), Cohen asked Rihanna which of the record's 14 tracks she's most excited for fans to hear -- at which point, the studio audience naturally started screaming the name of her new duet with Brown, 'Nobody's Business.' After she coyly acknowledged their interest in the track, which finds Brown singing lines like "I wanna make you mine and it ain’t nobody’s business," Cohen asked her if listeners could take the song's lyrics at face value.

"Nobody’s business is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life," responded Rihanna, who appears basically naked on the cover of 'Unapologetic.' "Even though you have to witness it, and it’s being documented at every second." And when Cohen pressed her regarding the album title, she dodged again, saying, "There’s only one truth and you can’t apologize for it, and that’s why I called it that."

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