Love him or hate him, RiFF RAFF is having more fun in the rap game than your favorite rapper. The self-proclaimed "white Gucci Mane with a spray tan" is back with a remix to his raunchy song, '2 Girls 1 Pipe.'

Produced by DJA, the track is reminiscent of 2 Live Crew's raunchy tunes about having sex with multiple women (think of it as an updated version of 'Pop the Coochie'). Over a bass-heavy beat, RAFF spits ribald lyrics of having a three-way romp with two chicks.

"I like the way you speakin', y'all should stay the whole weekend / I f---ed her, left her leakin' / Versace mattress was squeakin' / While I'm f---in', you could eat it / You next, so no sleepin' / I'm about to jump out the deep end," he raps.

RAFF's verse is quite tame compared to the lyrics of Frankie Palmeri from the metalcore band Emmure. He gets right to the point: he simply wants to have sex. His lyrics are not worthy of repeating, but let's just say he's not very kind to women.

Fair warning, these lyrics are NSFW.

RiFF RAFF's new album 'Neon Icon' is currently available on iTunes.

Listen to Riff Raff's '2 Girls 1 Pipe' Remix Featuring Emmure's Frankie Palmeri