On Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' he trades verses of wealth and money with fellow boss Rick Ross on the bass-heavy track, 'F---WithMeYouIGotIt.' Recently, while balling in Miami's club Mansion, Rozay performed his verse from the banger.

Much like the verses in his song, the club wwas filled with women swinging on ropes from the ceiling and plenty of bottles being popped all around.

In a video of the performance, Ross takes the stage -- draped in gold jewelry and a couple of women by his side -- and begins to recite his luxury rhymes to the crowd while the DJ plays the song.

This is a perfect case of art imitating life for the Miami boss.

"I'm riding big coming down that beach / Geechy n----s with satin sheets / Bad bitch, she a masterpiece / Got a bad bitch, she a masterpiece," Rozay rhymes as clubgoers rap along.