Rick Ross is incredibly blunt on his new single. The Miami rapper lets the world know that any man with some fame is sleeping with same women on his latest track titled "Same Hoes." Ross does some serious name dropping on this one as the Maybach Music Group boss goes into double digits with the names on "Same Hoes."

The whole thing is a surreal listening experience as everyone from Kevin Hart to David Beckham gets unexpectedly aired out on the record. Rick Ross' opening verse has a particularly hilarious name mentioned in the first line.

"Me and Steve Harvey fuck the same hoes/Ms. Universe, they all the same hoes/Forget they name nigga, know the saying goes/But I put her on her feet in that new Range Rov/Me and Mayweather fuck the same hoes/Money team, money green, mean Lambo/Me and P. Diddy fuck the same hoes/Cause rich niggas always fuck the same hoes/Me and Russell Simmons fuck the same hoes/Been running through the shows since the payphones/Top down at the light, you know the word out/He get them turned out up at the absurd house," Rick Ross raps.

Pusha T, T.I., Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Yo Gotti all get listed during the hook of "Same Hoes." One can't help but wonder how they feel about this. A few of those name drops are quite unseemly when you consider that some of the aforementioned artists are married. Rick Ross might be getting some angry phone calls and texts after the release of this track.

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