Rich Homie Quan was feeling some type a way when a fan got too aggressive at a concert gig in Racine, Wisconsin.

According to TMZ, while the Atlanta rapper was performing 'Walk Thru,' he started giving daps in the crowd when an eager fan started yanking on his arm. Apparently, the concertgoer was attempting to hoist himself onstage.

Quan stop the music to inform the fan that was a no-no. The two exchanged heated words before Quan slapped him on top of his head.

The rapper went on Twitter the following morning (July 5) to clarify that he was the only one who slap the aggressive fan.

"To set the record nobody save me. I slapped that n---- by myself," he tweeted. "I do salute Chiraq for having my [back]. But ain Neva been a f---n----a."

No complaints or charges have been filed in the slapping incident.

A word of caution to the overzealous rap fan, do not jump onstage while a rapper is performing. It will not end well.

Case in point: Watch Action Bronson annihilate a concertgoer who thought it was cool to invade his space.