TI & Tiny & The Hustle Gang are freakin hilarious on their VH1 series "TI & The Family Hustle" but are these two lovebirds heading for a breakup 6 kids & 3 years of marriage later. Any truth to these rumors that have been circulating?

This busy family is definitely about their hustle.  When spotted having a public argument outside a Grammy party back in January, rumors started to circulate that the pair was headed for Splittsville.

The self proclaimed "King of the South" is so damn busy gettin his hustle on, is he neglecting his love life & wife?  TI is workin on his 9th studio album which is to executive produced by Pharrell & released later this year.

Despite all the negativity, it looks like the bump in the road has been ironed out.  The two apparently just bought a brand new crib aka really a mansion outside ATL.  Loved the old house but it was 40 minutes to the studio for TI.  Damn, with a mansion like that & his hustle money can't he afford to just put a studio in the house? Jus sayin!

Anyway, a shorter commute time should make room for more time in the LOVE department!

TI & Tiny The Family Hustle airs a new episode tonight on VH1.  And you can download or delete his new song  "We Dem Boyz" remix here on www.hot991.com