There are few venues in sports history more iconic than the "old" Yankee Stadium.

When you combine the amount of fans who have sat in the seats of the stadium over the decades, and the history that has played out on the field itself, Yankee Stadium exists in a tier of history that only a few other venues have ever reached. Unfortunately, however, we are no longer able to re-live that history, as the decision was made not only to build a new Yankee Stadium, but demolish the old one in the process.

That being said, the old Yankee Stadium still existed during the digital age, and there are countless pictures and videos that have been taken by fans over the years.

Let's take a trip back in New York baseball history, shall we?

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The "original" Yankee Stadium opened in 1923, the the corner of East 161st Street & River Avenue in The Bronx in New York City. The Yankees opened up the old stadium with a World Series victory in 1923, and would go on to win 26 of their 27 titles while serving as tenants in "The House That Ruth Built".

From the short porch in right field, to the voice of Bob Sheppard, to the Hammond Organ and the playing of Eddie Layton, there are countless characteristics that became synonymous with Yankee Stadium over the decades. Not to mention, the likes of Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Jeter and beyond called it home at one point or another.

The list of All-Stars, Cy Young winners, MVPs and Hall of Famers who stepped foot in the home dugout at the stadium is, in a word, ridiculous.

Yankees' fans everywhere voice how much they miss the old ballpark, and for good reason. We've put together a "virtual tour", of sorts, compiling shots from different tour videos that still exist on the internet, to give fans the chance to re-live some of their best memories at the old Yankee Stadium.

Check out Zack Hample's video tour from 1996.

Check out Yankee historian, Tony Morante, and his tour in 1991.

Re-live The Glory Days with This Old Yankee Stadium Virtual Tour

The "Old" Yankee Stadium may be gone, but plenty of photos and videos of the classic ballpark still exist. Re-live its history and lore through this virtual tour.

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