When we last left 'Ravenswood,' Caleb and the gang were dealing with the aftermath of Remy's sleepwalking, which allowed her to witness the signing of the original pact. When Luke and Olivia arrive home (remember, Luke has just dealt with some seriously messed up stuff with Remy's dream-like state and Olivia has just slept with her secretly-evil boyfriend Dylan for the first time), they find Collins in their house, talking to their mother. Seriously, does this guy ever go home?

The next morning, a neighbor is digging next to the Matheson's garden when he finds a knife with a three-sided blade, just like the one that was used to kill Luke and Olivia's father (and just like the one handed off after the original pact was signed). The police quickly arrive at the Matheson house, where Mrs. Matheson is quickly carted off by the cops. Luke immediately starts getting aggressive with one of the officers, who then takes him downtown and puts him in a holding cell until he can calm down.

Meanwhile, Caleb's father unexpectedly shows up at the Collins' home, informing him that Henry Rivers died and he and Caleb as his next of kin. Of course, Henry has also left them a house, which means they are pretty much never leaving Ravenswood ever, though Caleb's dad tries to make his son go back to Rosewood to be with Hanna, which Caleb refutes.

That same morning, Remy wakes up to drawings littering her entire house -- sketches that she did in her sleep of devilish figures and Latin words, clearly figures and images she imagined while asleep. As she goes to walk downstairs, several different papers spell out the phrase, "YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE SEEN." Super creepy. When she arrives at the Matheson's during the whole cop debacle, she reveals that the same knife they found in Luke and Olivia's backyard is the same knife she saw in her dream.

While Luke is in jail, he meets a drunken old man who slurs his words while asking him for the time. Soon after, however, his voice transforms and he speaks to Luke, clear as day. "You should not have seen," he utters in a threatening voice. Coincidence? We think not.

Later that morning, with her mom and brother in jail, Olivia is at home when Collins arrives at the door, informing her that her mother has asked him to check in on her. Olivia, of course, is immediately defensive, calling Collins out on disliking her father. When he replies that her dad was a good man and a good father, Olivia shoots back, "And a good husband!" Collins' silence speaks volumes, and we have to wonder if this was a slight hint that Collins could possibly be the twins' real father. (If this gets revealed in a later episode, we sooo called it first.)

After storming out of her house, Olivia is at the coffee shop when she runs into her frenemy, Tess. After the girls decide to be friends again, Tess reveals that she broke up with Springer (the guy who supposedly dumped red paint on Liv in the first episode), and Olivia spills that she and Dylan slept together for the first time. Also at the coffee shop: a man with bleeding, blacked out eyes. Oh wait, no, that was just Olivia's imagination. When Tess leaves, she is confronted by Springer, who tells her that being friends with Liv isn't going to save her. Oh, snap.

Meanwhile, Miranda is trying to get to the bottom of the orange mist that Mrs. Grunwald seems to have control over. As she peers in on Mrs. Grunwald while sleeping, Miranda notices the mist appear and then turn into a ghostly figure of a woman. Miranda and Remy later look up the woman and discover that the woman is Mrs. Grunwald's sister -- or so they think.

Miranda later confronts the woman, Beatrice, in the Collins' house, realizing that Mrs. Grunwald wasn't Beatrice's sister -- but her daughter. What?! Beatrice, pregnant as a teenager, was forced to pretend that Carla was her sister. When Bea died at the age of 17 (as one of five teenagers killed by the pact), she was grateful for her status in limbo, which meant that she could always communicate with her daughter. However, Miranda wants nothing more than to break the pact so her friends don't have to die, and struggles to get Bea to see that one day, Mrs. Grunwald will die, but she will still be trapped there as a ghost, completely unable to connect with her daughter. (Spoiler alert: It doesn't really work.)

Mrs. Grunwald, meanwhile, discusses the topic of Springer with Collins, who says he is on the verge of doing something stupid. Colllins also reveals to Carla that the twins hate him, and only see him as a man trying to move in on their widowed mother. (Possible baby daddy foreshadowing again? The hints are getting bigger…)

That night, Remy sleepwalks and in her dream-like state, grabs a knife and heads for Luke, who is asleep. "If thine eye offends me, pluck it out!" she screams, and goes to stab her boyfriend. Fortunately, her father intervenes and pulls her away, waking her up, but not before she accidentally cuts her dad's arm in the process. Terrifying. Clearly, there is some connection with eyeball-plucking and the pact, considering Olivia's bleeding-eye hallucination in the coffee shop and Remy's own plucked-out-eye dream from last week's episode.

As Caleb agrees to settle into the house with his dad, a raven climbs through the window, startling the two men. Caleb's dad informs him that a raven in the house means there has been a death in the family, implying that Henry is gone, to which Caleb replies that he only hopes so.

Across the neighborhood, Olivia is walking down the street when Springer appears behind her in shadow and confronts her about Dylan, saying that if her dad did right by his dad, "none of this would have happened." Olivia refuses to listen and runs away as Springer chases her, only to be hit by a car. Who was behind the wheel, you wonder? Why, Tess, of course, who maintains her innocence to the cops.

As the episode draws to a close, Miranda is once again threatened by Bea, who tells her to leave her and the other spirits-in-limbo alone.

With an episode title as promising as this one, we expected a little more from tonight's all-new 'Ravenswood.' While more mysteries and plot lines were revealed, it seemed almost like the show was trying to throw in too many twists and turns at once, which made it slightly confusing to the audience. Next week promises to be a creepy one, though, as Remy's sleep analysis may very well make her the second victim of the pact. Stay tuned...