Albany’s Borad of Zoning Appeals must have something against glowsticks. They have officially banned large “rave-like” dance parties at the Washington Avenue Armory.

Security and zoning problems are the main cause of the city’s decision. Multiple parties have been cancelled in the past week. EDM fans are not pleased and have been taking most of their frustrations out on the venue that’s been holding the parties – the Armory. Don’t believe me? Just check out some of the comments on their facebook page.

Several of the comments questioned why the recent Machine Gun Kelly show which was not cancelled, but EDM parties have been. The only reasonable assumption is the tendencies of the crowd. You’re going to have hundreds or thousands of drunk college kids at any show, but the rave on October 18th opened city officials’ eyes to the activity.

1,500 people attended that particular show and the raucous crowd resulted in multiple arrests and three injured police officers.

Neighbors are another source of rain on the party parade. The city has received numerous noise complaints.

Shows still scheduled include “Stuff Your Face With Bass” on March 29th and DJ Pauly D on April 5th. No word yet if these shows are officially cancelled, but I wouldn’t buy a ticket without