Raury likely isn't the first rapper that comes to mind when you think of hip-hop but that doesn't mean his skills aren't comparable to the rest of the artists gracing the 2015 XXL Freshman Class cover. The Atlanta native showcases why he deserves a spot alongside his peers in his Freshman Freestyle.

Sporting a white T-shirt with the words "Industry plant" decorating its front, Raury flexes his talents as a storyteller as he details an evening amongst a crew of friends discussing plans for college and other "wordly topics." "But that's not always how it goes / Everyone ain't livin' how they think they was supposed to live / And they look at me like a dog and bone / I can teach you how to fish but I ain't handing you salmon, dammit / You can meet me by the lake and we can try again / I don't care how long it take / And if it don't work we'll be here another day," he serves.

The "God's Whisper" singer, who often goes barefoot or rocks what we like to call "Jesus Walks" sandals, is as versatile as they come. He sings and raps, and even plays the guitar. His blend of funky soul is featured on his 2014 effort Indigo Child through songs like "Cigarette Song." After opening for OutKast last year, he's made quite a name for himself, but there's still an entire group of people that still don't know his name.

"I definitely know that [the cover] will expose me to a large group of people who have never heard of me before. A lot of my music lives in so many different worlds that at times I feel like I am spread well across some scenes but I can be spread somewhat thin across other scenes," the 19-year-old tells XXL. "You know, and this will kind of even things out as far as the crowds and the people I want to reach, too. It’ll also show the world that I love plants.”

Look out for more new tunes from Raury when he releases his debut album through Columbia Records.

Watch Raury flex in his Freshman Freestyle above.

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