"Money, hoes and clothes, all a brother knows," the Notorious B.I.G. famously rapped in his hit song 'Big Poppa.' Rappers are always surrounded by beautiful women and of course, the requisite groupie love. But what happens on a day of romance like Valentine's Day?

Some of our favorite rappers are notoriously single. While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z and Beyonce are sure to get lovey dovey, these bachelors will be busy dodging cupid's arrow. On and off-wax, they love the single life. We round up the perpetual playboys and lovelorn lyricists who will most likely be spending the holiday alone noshing on Ben & Jerry's or making it rain at the strip club.

Here's TheDrop.fm's list of 10 Rappers Spending Valentine's Day Alone.