A day after celebrating its 30th anniversary, Def Jam finds itself in the headlines thanks to one rapper's thirst for fame.

Money Mars is a virtually unknown rapper from Upstate New York who decided it would be a good idea to post a fake contract with Def Jam on his Instagram. The rhymer posted a "100" emoji as a caption when he actually wasn't keeping it 100 -- a cardinal sin in a rap game.

What immediately blew his cover was the ridiculous terms of the "contract." Money Mars was supposedly going to get $250,000 every two months for four albums and eight mixtapes, an absurd commitment even for somebody with some buzz. Twitter was immediately hip to the malarkey.

Money Mars' goal may have been to gain some extra publicity; he reposted links to the stories exposing him. However, he probably screwed himself out of a future Def Jam contract with this move.