We as spectators are often "wowed" by the luxurious Hollywood lifestyle, with celebs dripping in diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so how much should the average guy spend to put a ring on it?

The newest talk of the town is Kimye's surprise romantic engagement.  Kanye West is worth about $85 million dollars so spending $6.5 million on his over the top proposal alone is chump change.  The 15 carat rock itself is said to be worth about $8 million dollars!  At that price, let's hope the marriage lasts more than 72 days!  That price is not exactly attainable for the average guy who works a 9 to 5 job.  So how much should the average guy spend on an engagement ring these days?

Well the general rule of thumb to put a ring on it is three months salary or, on average, about $5,000. Let's face it though, in today's economy, I doubt that's realistic. Three weeks salary or $2,500 may get you a good 2 carat sparkler that will dazzle your girl.

Put it on a layaway plan or sign up for a new credit card fellas, pop the question and put a ring on it!  After all, diamonds are forever, right?