After dropping his long-awaited Daytona album, Pusha-T is now getting into the mobile app game. According to a July 12 report from The Hollywood Reporter, the "If You Know You Know" rapper has partnered with tech entrepreneur Sam Watson to launch the hip-hop app Heir.

The app, which is currently accepting sign-ups for early access, allows users to vote for their favorite hip-hop tracks using an up or down rating system. Users who vote in favor with the majority of other users can earn a digital currency called Crown, but users who go against the popular votes may lose their Crown.

"You’re a hip hop fan. You know what you like. You have an ear for what other heads will like (or hate)," the Heir website states. "On heir, vote on songs—is it 🔥 … ☠️or dead on arrival—with real stakes. Top voters and artists are rewarded handsomely—not just with clout, but with real rewards."

The site reveals that Crown can be cashed out for real money, or can also be used to purchase "rewards that money cant buy." Fans can reportedly use Crown for early or exclusive access to an artist's next tour stop or song release.

Along with Pusha-T and Watson, the team behind Heir also includes Def Jam Records A&R exec Steven Victor and Epic Records A&R exec Joey Arbagey, as well as Max Batt and Lynette Perkins.

Besides the arrival of a new app, Pusha also has a tour to look forward to. The rapper will kick off his Daytona Tour on Aug. 3 in St. Louis, Mo., before making stops in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston and more. The trek wraps up on Sept. 1 in Los Angeles.

To sign up for early access to the Heir app, head here.

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