Prodigy's death has been felt throughout the hip-hop community, but it's his artistry and the way he lived his life that left an indelible mark on the world long before his unexpected passing. In a forthcoming interview on Viceland's The Therapist, P touches on everything from religion, to seeing a shadow walk across his room to being visited by UFO's and a "Jesus-like figure" during the early days of Mobb Deep. Check out the part about seeing a black shadow below.

"When I laid down to go to sleep, you know, all of the lights were off in my room, and I'm laying there and a black shadow walk across my room. And it looked like—the only way I can describe it [as looking] like is the Black Spider-Man," tells The Therapist host Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh in a clip from the episode.

As P's delivering his story, Dr. Siri asks if he'd been using any drugs just before the encounter. P then confirms he was "super-healthy" and "clear-minded" when he saw that mysterious figure walk across his room.

P continued, "So I just laid there, and I put the sheet over my head like a little kid, just like, forced myself to go to sleep. And I woke up the next morning—the pain woke me up. I [hadn't] been sick in six years. And I was in so much pain I had to get carried to the hospital. I knew what happened automatically, I already knew what it was. I already knew what that black shadow was."

That interview clip doesn't make it immediately clear what P believed the black shadow to be, but it certainly sounds ominous. Speaking with Noisey about his session with P,  Dr. Siri seems to say Prodigy used spirituality to deal with the pain of living with sickle cell anemia, a condition the rapper was diagnosed with a few months after his birth.

"Whenever I'm conducting a therapy session, I really don't know what's going to unfold. That which stood out in Prodigy's session was the pain that he had experienced throughout his lifetime from sickle cell," Dr. Siri explained. "He had excruciating pain and said doctors couldn't help so the only one he could call out to was to a higher consciousness. I knew that was some of his work this lifetime; He had these otherworldly experiences he always talked about so it seemed like that was the gist of the session; this immense pain that he was having was deepening him into a relationship with that consciousness. Because that's all he could call on to get rid of that pain."

In the trailer for the episode, which airs on Viceland tonight (July 10) at 10:30 p.m. EST, P touches on the way life experiences—specifically those dealing with his sickle cell condition— molded him into the person he ultimately became.

"It made me not believe in God," Prodigy says of how sickle cell affected his spirituality. "Just having conversations with God, begging God to make the pain go away and then the pain wouldn't go away. So I'm like 'Who the hell am I talking to? God is not responding.'"

Check out clips from one of Prodigy's last interviews below.

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