Prodigy is a veteran New York gangsta rap legend, but what is perhaps too slept on is that he can do horrorcore well. Picture a brain stabbed with a nose bone for a second. The lyrical half of Mobb Deep again channels something gruesome in the video for 'IMDKV,' a track off his 'Albert Einstein' collaboration with the Alchemist.

The record features the 39-year-old MC detailing murderous fantasies like being "on some brutal crime s---, get your eyeball sliced." It's visualized here.

The rapper poses with a spiked bat and a bloodied, blindfolded male in Tha Profitt-directed clip. This is the result of a plot conspired with actor Tray Chaney, who's better known as Poot from 'The Wire.' It's not known why the man is victimized, but he crossed the wrong person apparently.

Prodigy will release his next solo effort, 'The Most Infamous,' later this year.