Prodigy has called out the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation after they banned his book, Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, from all of its prisons in California.

As we previously reported, prison officials sent the Mobb Deep member a letter (see above) stating that his book was placed on the “Centralized List of Disapproved Publications” because of a recipe in the book that shows how to make homemade “hooch.”

The recipe in question is called “P’s Prison Sangria," and it offers cheap and convenient way to make fermented wine that Prodigy states is very difficult to make while in prison because guards do regular searches of jail cells.

Prodigy finds it hypocritical of prison officials to ban the book considering they allow cigarettes in prisons, which are just as unhealthy.

“It’s unfortunate that this letter was sent and that the book is banned in California prisons,” the rapper tells Mass Appeal. “I also find it very odd that this letter was even sent, when they should be banning that toxic food being served in jails that we discussed in the book. Why are they not banning that?"

"They sell cigarettes in commissaries that are killing the people," he adds. "Where are the letters to Philip Morris banning them and other big tobacco distributors? We can’t control what’s in demand from family members or what the inmates are ordering via third parties. We can only discuss it, which is what I did.”

Reps for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation had no comment on the matter.