Like many rappers who have watched their namesakes get dragged through social media, Polo G doesn't let the haters and critics have the last word.

The Chicago rapper decided to face the internet trolls head on in XXL's Mean Comments, a series in which rappers read some of the meanest comments about them that social media has to offer.

"Ya gon die if ya don't eat some muhfuckin food," an Instagram user wrote, to which Polo G responds, "Like, actually I have been working on my eating habits, sir so I been trying get right and gain some weight, thank you very much."

As the video continues, Polo G filters through comments, coming to one that says, "I feel like you illiterate on purpose." Wasting no time to fire back, he replies, "I am. I speak ebonics. That's just the way that I talk. I am capable of speaking proper English."

"So I guess you sold your soul," another Instagram hater comments. This statement results in a laugh from Polo G. "No, I did not, you feel me?" the "Pop Out" rhymer adds. "I grinded for everything that I got and I worked pretty hard for it."

Another YouTube commenter accused the Die a Legend artist of stealing Roddy Ricch's flow, but Polo G puts that comment to rest. "Shout out to Roddy Ricch, man, but I am definitely not stealing shit from him."

Polo G's choice to take the high road and educate his haters instead of cursing them out is no surprise. Watch Polo G take part in XXL's Mean Comments below.

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