Another day another rap beef Plies vs Young Thug apparently Young Thug didn't appreciate Plies reposting a video of his daughter cursing. In attempt to get social media views unknowingly posted a video of the minor saying:

“I’m motherf----in’ [tired],” the little girl repeatedly says in the clip. Plies captioned the Sept. 11 video with “Current Mood.” He took it a step further by using a hashtag that included the the word “Bih,” which also means bitch.

Ridiculous right ?

Here is the video that sparked everything off.

(CURRENT MOOD).. "I'm Muthafuckin Tied" (Not Tired) #Plies #AintNoMixtapeBih

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After seeing the video Young Thug went into a profanity laced rant telling him to take the video off of his page :

“Man listen, I want everybody in the world to at this f--- n---- Plies and tell this p---- ass n---- if he don’t take this motherf---in’ video down of my daughter off his motherf----in’ page, calling her out her name, it’s gonna be problems,”

#PressPlay #YoungThug vs #Plies!! #ClapBackSeason (See previous video)

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Plies then responded with a video of his own, saying that he wouldn’t disrespect kids and wasn’t aware that the child was Young Thug’s daughter.

#PressPlay : #Plies response to #YoungThug

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Man listen.... Plies is to old to be arguing or reposting videos of little girls being neglected. (Her parents aren't teaching her anything if she talks like this that equals neglect). Who lets their child talk like that ? The only person Young Thug should be mad at is the woman he chose to have a child with. She should know better and be teaching her daughter better. I didn't hear Young Thug address her at any point in time. This whole situation is sad and no one involved is acting like an adult. All parties involved should be embarrassed. Some one should notify CPS.