Before we get started, I want to take notice of two things. First of all, yesterday was National Pizza Day! I hope you celebrated by supporting your local pizzerias! Secondly, I want to point out how important it is to review and edit anything you work on. We were told all throughout school to proofread everything! "Check your work!" "Cross your T's and dot your I's!" "Don't skip anything!" Well, apparently this one pizzeria in Pennsylvania learned that lesson the hard way.

Chiaro's Pizza and Restaurant is a family-owned business of 35 years. They have been a long-time advertiser in a monthly magazine called the Upper Perkiomen Valley. Chiaro's recently paid for an ad to be designed and published in February. The pizzeria mailed in photos they wished to appear in the promotion, not realizing something "steamy" hidden in one image of a cappuccino. Neither the management at Chiaro's nor the staff at Community Connection Monthly, the publication that printed the advertisement, noticed anything wrong with the image.

The owners of Chiaro's were horrified by this accident and issued this apology on Facebook:

Fortunately, the majority of the reactions have not taken offense by the incident. If anything, it helped earn some buzz for the mom-and-pop shop.

One Facebook user wrote,

"No No, y'all have gone on my 'restaurants I need to try' list when I'm out that way."

Another user wrote,

"I think this will only grow your business."

Many took to light-hearted comedy to diffuse the situation:

"So, next week's special will be sausage pizza, yes?"

A number of comments were along the lines of this one here:

"the world NEEDS this laugh right now .. going to sellerville tomorrow to check out the pizza shop."

One enthusiastic comment said, which is probably my favorite one,

"I love how everyone is rallying around this business and willing to support them even more."

Their post has even gone international, as I've seen comments from the Netherlands and Ireland!

When I first read the heard about this, I was wondering how someone could possibly miss an explicit image of this nature. Turns out, very easily. It took me a while to see what the issue was. Whoever was the graphic designer of the original image was quite sneaky. I'm not going to put the image here so that I can get in trouble with my directors, BUT you visit the image here. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

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