There is more hope for humanity; Eula Henley, 85, has lived in the Russell Woods neighborhood in Detroit since the late 1950s. She was facing homelessness because she could no longer afford her $1,600 annual property taxes and fell behind in payments in 2011, but after telling her story on the local news last week, a good Samaritan paid Eula's delinquent tax bill of nearly $8,800.

Ms Henley:

“It kind of makes you anxious," Henley said. "You have anxiety attacks and you might say sleepless nights, but I can sleep and maybe I can even dream now. You know, I couldn't do that before.”

With all the craziness we hear about Detroit its great to hear some good news come out of Detroit. I wonder if he or she will be around next year when the tax man comes knocking.

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