Alton Brown delivered a spot-on review on his IG page after having some pasta and meatballs at MORE Perreca's Italian Kitchen, the legendary Schenctady spot.  See it below!

Positive reviews can work as a driving force for customers in the restaurant industry, just like negative ones can be a detractor.  Get enough 4 and 5-star reviews, and a place can rank as one of the very finest restaurants in the area.

And on occasion, a celebrity will wander through town, eat at of these places, post a review or a picture, adding to the lure of the establishment. 

Such was the case when Alton Brown, best known for the shows he's involved with on the Food Network, came to Schenectady over the weekend for a show a Proctors called "Beyond the Eats."

Brown became a star on the show Good Eats, and since, "he's gone on to host many of the network's shows, publish a range of books on the subject of food, and toured the country with his zany shows," according to Schenectady Theater.

And when Brown comes to town in search of some delicious, homemade pasta, he knows where to chow down.

More Perecca's Italian Kitchen, located at 31 N. Jay Street in Schenectady, next to the bakery is MORE Perreca’s Italian Kitchen serving authentic Italian meals reminiscent of any Italian Grandma’s kitchen. They use only the freshest ingredients, lotsa garlic, and the world's best olive oil, and everything is made with love.

On an Instagram post created on Friday, Alton Brown delivered a spot-on review after having some pasta and meatballs at MORE Perreca's Italian Kitchen,  the legendary Schenctady spot.

Here's what he said:

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