"GTL" which in the world of MTV's Jersey Shore is an acronym for gym, tan, and laundry, may have a bit of a different feel next week. Next week, "GTL" may stand for things like gravy, turkey, and leftovers or perhaps grandpa, triptafen, and loud (snoring)? Next Wednesday night, a Saratoga restaurant will be throwing a Thanksgiving Eve party with none other than Snooki from Jersey Shore.

Traditionally thought of as one of the biggest party nights of the year, things are sure to be interesting up in Toga this year. Gaffney's Restaurant in Saratoga will have Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi host their pre-Thanksgiving Day bash.

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Snooki is a few years removed from her all-night rages, fuzzy slippers, slap fights with roommates, binge-drinking prime...but we don't doubt that this mom of three can still get down.

According to the Gaffney's facebook page, the night will feature different DJ's and Snooki will be hosting the event.

Snooki at Gaffneys

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