Over or under? Folded or crumpled? The great toilet paper debate has filled our newsfeeds with a bunch of, umm... crap, this week.

But let's put all this stuff about which way the roll should unfold aside for a second and take a look at something that is truly interesting about toilet paper, which is that it was essentially invented in Albany. That's right, among the things the Capital Region should be proud of are potato chips and the design of the very paper product that keeps our lives moving.

The patent was submitted by an S. Wheeler and patented on December 22, 1891. According to All Over Albany, Wheeler felt firmly that toilet paper (then dubbed "wrapping paper") should be contained in a roll and with perforations for easy tearing. Wheeler and his company, Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company, often do not get credit for inventing toilet paper, however, as the Scott Paper Company is thought to be the original creator of toilet paper.

Oh yea, and in case you were still unsure, this patent proves that over is, in fact, the correct way.