Professional athletes. Olympic medal hopefuls. Influential sports executives. They're all from here.

The Capital Region has a sports history that dates back multiple centuries. A number of incredible athletes were born and raised in the area, and went on to accomplish feats that we all simply dream of. From Hall of Fame baseball players, to Winter and Summer Olympic participants, to can't-miss college talents, the Capital Region sports stories are endless.

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In attempt to shine some light on those athletes, I did some digging, and gave myself a geography lesson in the process. For example, did you know that Glens Falls is in Warren County, but South Glens Falls is in Saratoga County? Wild.

Anyway, I digress. Each of the 11 counties in the Capital Region have acted as the backdrop for the development of generations of athletes. He is one famous athlete, and their story, from each of the 11 counties that make up the Capital District.

One Famous Athlete Born in Each of the Capital Region's 11 Counties

From the "big four" professional sports leagues, to the Olympics and beyond, a number of famous athletes were born and raised right here in the Capital Region. Here is one famous athlete from each of the 11 counties in the Capital District.

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