Our Schools will finally start teaching about a issue that has long been ignored in society mental health.

New York’s schools will have to teach about mental health in health classes starting next summer.
The law, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, takes effect in July of 2018.
The 40-year-old mandate for health education already specifically requires teaching about alcohol, drugs, tobacco and cancer prevention.
Sponsors of the new curriculum say it will help students recognize the signs of mental illness in themselves and others and seek help when it’s needed.

Thhis needs to be taught in our schools there’s way too much silence about this topic and this is a major issue in this country sometimes people are so messed up mentally that they don’t know where to go now we can tackle this issue head-on.

The class will teach students about recognizing the tell-tale signs of mental illness and to know when their mental state isn’t the greatest now they’ll know because the schools will be teaching students about it.

This will go into full effect in the summer of July 2018 but it should be starting now but at least it’ll be in the schools now so it’s out there. If we put this in more schools sooner maybe we will have a decrease in mental health issues such as suicide.