NY Kings Of Comedy Tour Is coming to the Capital District. The hottest comedians from NY invading the Capital District for the funniest show ever! The NY Kings are coming to The Egg on February the 3rd and Hot 991 has your hook up to go check them out.


The NY KINGS COMEDY TOUR of 5 of the funniest NY comedians giving gut-busting laughter, is coming to Albany.

Every once in a while there’s an event that takes place that makes you shake you head and say that was truly AMAZING… well THE NY KINGS COMEDY TOUR is just that event. Consisting of Mark Viera, Capone, Talent Harris, Rob Stapleton, and Drew Fraser you can expect the laughs to begin from the moment the first NY KING walks to the stage. Be assured, there is not a soft’ or ‘weak’ spot in the lineup. From the top of the show, through the end, you will laugh like you’ve never laughed before. One of the unique aspects of the NY KINGS is the versatility of the Tour.

TALENT “Mr. It’s Just Comedy” has the uncanny gift that commands your attention from the beginning and never lets it go, as his hilarious presence swoops you in for a hysterical, magical ride within the first few moments. In between comedians elevating the laughter as he hosts the entire show.

Listen All day long to win your way into the hilarious NY Kings Of Comedy!

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