If you're feeling Nicki Minaj's track, "Truffle Butter," you can now rap along to the lyric video -- just in case the official visual never arrives.

The Pinkprint creator dodges any controversy this time, avoiding offensive content like those featured in her lyric video for "Only." In the "Truffle Butter" clip, the lyrics pop in and out over the black background as the scene changes to a vibrant light show -- purple hues, records and fiery explosions show up. Drake and Lil Wayne's lines support the head Barb's own bold lyrics.

As previously reported, Nicki had no intentions of making video for the single, and it looks like this is the closest thing we'll be getting to a clip -- at least for this song.

“When a song is that successful without a video, I don’t really know if we need one,” she said in an interview. “It was just for the streets, for the love, and we weren’t really gonna shoot a video, to be honest.”

See the full lyric video and get ready to rap along with Nicki, Drake and Lil Wayne above.

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