For just about everyone, hair is everything. Aside from your face, it's one of the first things people see when they look in your direction. Finely combed, unkempt or colored, there's always an opinion on how it looks too. Your favorite rappers and singers are constantly changing up their 'dos and showcasing their individuality. Nicki Minaj has proven time and again that her music isn't the only thing she flexes when it comes to her creativity. Her hair is its own masterpiece.

Whether it's walking the red carpet or doing her thing onstage, the New York native never fails to bring that wow factor -- even though her looks may be on the wild and wacky side. As outlandish and, at times, crazy her outfits are, Nicki has always made sure to tie the look together with a different hairstyle. From cotton candy pink to ocean water blue to the cotton ball coif, The Pinkprint creator has managed to turn her tresses into so many different things that the best thing to call it is art. Her hairstyles have made us scratch our heads and wonder, "What was she thinking?" but you have to give her props for thinking outside of the box and throwing the middle finger to what other people think.

These days, she's toned down her look and opted for a more conservative black hair color, returning to her roots. Nicki still finds ways to style it differently for each occasion but there's no forgetting the crayon box of colors she once played around with when it came to those wigs, which is indicative of her many personalities. So The Boombox takes a trip down memory lane to highlight her most memorable looks when it comes to her 'do. Check out Nicki Minaj's Hair Evolution Proves She Has a Split Personality.