Nicki Minaj looked like a snow bunny during her solo performance of 'Freedom' at the 2012 American Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 18). Wearing a pink-colored wig, white fur coat, matching booty shorts and white boots, the Harajuku Barbie brought winter to the AMAs.

At one point, it seemed as if Minaj was lip-syncing her lyrics, but it looks like the live feed was just slow, as if the AMAs censors were worried that Minaj might say a naughty word. Weird?

Anyway, Minaj sat down on a frosty park bench for her most of performance as fake snow began to fall onstage. Then a gospel choir came out to back up the queen for rousing finish of the song's empowering chorus: "I feel free / I feel freedom / Why they mad? / You should see them / Burn a L / Cause it's crazy in here / Crazy in here."

Earlier in the show, Minaj won the well-deserved Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album award for 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.'

Before her chilled-out performance, Minaj told AP (via Huffington Post) that she was honored to perform 'Freedom' on the AMAs. "I'm very, very proud of the record and I'm happy that people are going to get to hear it," she said. "I'm performing a hip-hop song on the AMAs, and I think that's just a big look for hip-hop." It is, Queen Barbz.

Watch Nicki Minaj Perform at the 2012 American Music Awards