Rashad Jennings had a successful career in the National Football League.

Drafted in the 7th round, 250th overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars out of Liberty University in 2009, Jennings would end up playing in 93 career games from that year through 2016. He got his first real opportunity as a starter with the New York Giants, rushing for 2,095 yards over his three years in New York, before retiring after 2016.

That playing career is becoming an increasingly distant memory, though, as his post-football career has caught the attention of football fans everywhere. He's looking to branch into a whole new career in the near future, as well, one that has a nice "ring" to its name.

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Rashad Jennings Shares Details on Interesting Post-Giants Life

A story published in The New York Post detailed the intriguing, bizarre post-playing career lifestyle of former New York Giants' running back, Rashad Jennings. Jennings has parlayed his time in the NFL into a life off-the-field that includes reality television, media, coaching and...marriage counseling?

It began in early 2017, immediately following his release from the New York Giants on February 13, 2017. One month later, Jennings was cast as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, where he was paired with dancer Emma Staler for the show's 24th season.

Not only did Jennings become a hit on the small screen for his smooth moves, he and Slater ended up winning the entire season. You can see one of his performances below:

It got more interesting from there. Jennings would end up retiring from the NFL at the end of 2017, seemingly choosing to focus on his life outside of football. He penned a best-selling bookThe IF in Life: How to Get Off Life’s Sidelines and Become Your Best Self, which hit shelves in May of 2019. He also appeared on other reality TV shows, including MTV's Catfish in 2019, and Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games in 2020.

In August of 2022, it was announced that Jennings would be co-hosting a new podcast with iHeart Media. The show, titled The Bag, pairs Jennings with journalist Lindsay McCormick, and features the duo breaking down the financial side of being a professional athlete.

On top of all of these ventures, Jennings recently revealed that his desired next step in life is becoming a marriage counselor.

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Rashad Jennings as a member of the New York Giants / Getty Images

Here's what Jennings told The New York Post about this possible new venture:

“I have a desire to be a marriage counselor. I have this desire to bring people together, [and] I get to display that through how you listen and how you hear this on the podcast.”


"One thing I’ve learned is that everybody wants to be understood. Not everybody has the ability or capability to make people feel understood, and so my job, and what I’m doing on this show, is allowing our guests to explain their successes in a way that has never been heard." - Rashad Jennings to The New York Post

I have to say, I'm a huge fan of what Rashad Jennings has been able to do with his post-playing life. Not only is he very intelligent, he also has a unique personality, and has embraced his unique interests after hanging up the cleats in 2017.

Jennings was a powerful running back in the NFL, but he may find himself more powerful than every if he continues on this new path moving forward.

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