It's time to just start listing the states we can travel to.

Seriously. At this point, it will simplify all of our travel plans to know what states we can travel to without having to go into quarantine for two weeks upon returning to New York.

The Governor's office announced today that Arizona and Maryland have officially been added to the New York travel advisory list which now includes 43 states. So basically, almost 90% of the country is spiking right now with coronavirus cases to a point that requires travelers to quarantine. The press release also says that Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania also meet the criteria to be added to the list, but have not been added at this point because it is not practical considering so many travel to and from those states. New York is discouraging travel to these states whenever possible.

We have heard about the second wave of COVID-19 and it really feels like it is gaining momentum right now. Considering this travel advisory is a good indicator of how other states are faring with the coronavirus, it feels like the second wave is here. That said, it fees like we are better prepared to fight it off this time with most folks wearing masks. I personally hate wearing it, but anything we can do to push off the wave and keep everything open is worth the hassle. Let's hope we can jeep the second wave from turning into the tidal wave we had back in the Spring.

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