One of the greatest natural attributes that New York has is the abundance of beautiful rivers and streams in the state. There are more than 59,000 in New York state. But if you asked someone to name the longest, they might get tripped up.

If you search for the longest New York rivers online, you'll find a ton of articles that are just plain wrong. Do you think you know the correct answer? Let's see!

Can You Name All 10 Of New York's Longest Rivers?

Think through your NY geography, because even native New Yorkers still get tripped up sometimes when asked what the state’s longest river is. One common wrong answer isn’t even in the top five!

If you even Google “New York’s longest rivers,” you’ll get a series of wrong answers. Just because a river is long and touches NY, doesn’t mean it’s specifically New York’s longest. Fortunately, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation has the correct list.

The 11 National Parks Closest To Upstate New York

With New York's lack of National Parks, you may fancy driving to one nearby. Here are the 11 closest National Parks to Upstate, using Albany as a reference. Data compiled by Stacker and photos courtesy the National Park Service.

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