With Major League Baseball now fully involved in a lockout, the league and the players are no longer contractually bound to one another. The league updated their website to reflect this fracture, and New York Yankees' Jameson Taillon found the perfect way to poke fun at the MLB.

Major League Baseball, and Its Players, are Now Locked Out

As of 11:59PM on Wednesday night, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players' Association saw their collective bargaining agreement end, and with no new deal signed, the two sides entered a lockout.

Wild Card Round - Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves - Game One
MLB stadiums will be "locked" for the foreseeable future / Getty Images

During this time, no free agent players can be signed, no trades can be made (officially), and every team is, in essence, shut out from doing business.

As part of this contract termination, Major League Baseball no longer has access to the names, images or likenesses of its players. No player name or image can appear in, or on, any MLB properties.

To combat this, Major League Baseball's official website removed all player images from its teams' rosters. For example, here is how the top of the New York Yankees' roster looks right now...

New York Yankees team website
New York Yankees team website

Pretty bizarre, right?

With the league and players currently at odds with one another, the players have started to get creative with their attacks on the league. This list of players now includes New York Yankees' hurler, Jameson Taillon.

Jameson Taillon Trolls Major League Baseball Perfectly

Wanting to truly represent how the MLB feels about him and his fellow players, Taillon changed his Twitter profile picture to match his MLB website profile picture.

Take a look...

Twitter / JTaillon50
Twitter / JTaillon50

How AMAZING is that!

Other MLB Players Joined in on Taillon's Joke

Not to be outdone, Joe Musgrove had a bit of fun...

Representing the Chicago Cubs, Ian Happ had a bit of fun as well...

Now, Happ may have wanted to do this after the Cubs traded Baez, Rizzo and Bryant, but it's more appropriate now. Either way, you get my point.

Kudos to Jameson Taillon for being a founding member of the MLB Ghost Committee, as I'm calling it. Major League Baseball and the Player's Association both have their issues, but when one side makes a move, it's appropriate for the other side to react to it.

And react beautifully, the players have.

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