"Design it, and they will buy."

That's how the quote goes in the movie, right?

Well, maybe not, but that's exactly what the New York Yankees did ahead of the Field of Dreams Game, being played against the Chicago White Sox next Thursday, August 12. The game will take place at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, the first MLB game played in the state of Iowa.

So, for a game this special, the teams needed special jerseys, and those were announced this afternoon.

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The team went back to basics in their design, and in this case, I think less really was more.

The team did away with the sleeve accents that adorn their typical away jersey, which contain blue and white stripes around the circumference of the sleeve. The team also simplified the "New York" lettering on the front of the jersey, going completely monochromatic with the coloring. The same can be said for the numbers on the back.

Possibly my favorite detail, however, comes not on the jerseys, but on the hat. If you look at the pictures above very closely, you'll see that the bottom of the brim is green, which was a staple of baseball hats in the past. That is a very small detail, and one that most baseball fans won't notice. That said, to the more observant and hardcore baseball fans, that kind of detail will be welcomed.

The one weird detail, however, is that the Yankees will be playing against pinstripes:

In place of spoils, for tomorrow, to the victor goes the pinstripes!

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