Video cameras are everywhere. I'm not just talking about the camera on your phone, I am reoffering to the cameras outside of stores, homes, traffic lights and probably places I didn't even realize.

It feels like you can't do anything or go anywhere without being captured on camera. Sometimes this can be very useful and even an extension of law enforcement. Let's say a guy decides to ride a dirt bike down a city sidewalk nearly hitting a woman and child. No camera, no witness. With a camera police might be able to find the guy, like they did last week.

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Take a look at this video from the Yonkers New York Police Department. It appears to show a man riding a dirt bike on the sidewalk and nearly hitting a woman after landing a "wheelie".

Yonkers PD has zero tolerance for this type of reckless behavior — we may not be everywhere all the time, but eventually you will get caught, - Yonkers PD via Facebook

Yonkers Police Department used this video to help locate and arrest Danny Martinez and charge him with reckless endangerment.

Reading some of the comments on the Facebook post I see several people indicate that that this isn't a big deal. Some even suggest that the woman crossing the street committed a bigger crime by jay-walking. Regardless of your opinions, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on sidewalks in New York.

According to Sunnyside Post, any bike that lacks side mirrors, brake lights and/or turn signals is unable to be registered with New York state—and is therefore illegal to ride.

These dirt bikes are dangerous! They can endanger the lives of the people around them — anyone in the neighborhood! We need to make clear that we’re just not going to tolerate this kind of illegality, and here’s a very visual way to get our point across. - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

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