New Law in New York drivers must move over for garbage & recycling trucks: So you know how when you see a police vehicle or a fire truck you get out of the closest lane to the officer, that is going to be enforced with garbage trucks and recycling trucks now.

There is a new law in New York where you have to pull over for a garbage truck or recycling truck for safety reasons because they do have a dangerous job picking up garbage from the curb. Now when you see a garbage truck or recycling truck you not going to be speedy Gonzales anymore you’re going to pull over just like you would for a police car, fire truck, or Ambulance.

If you don’t adhere to this law then you’ll be fined $400 and 3 points will be taken off of your license I know you don’t want that on your record at all so just do what it says and you won’t get fined.

Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of traffic accidents because people be driving crazy in these streets. The garbage dudes have the same risk of getting killed as the police officer or firefighter so be mindful of that and when you see a garbage truck just pull over or you’ll get fined $400 & get docked 3 points on your license nobody wants that.

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