Drake has been known to have some pretty off topic videos so when I saw the 'Take Care' visuals I wasn't surprised at all. 'HYFR' on the other hand I definitely enjoyed watching over and over again.

'Take Care' was extremely somber and boring if you ask me. If somebody asked me to describe this video in one sentence it would probably go something like this: Drake and Rihanna holding each other while visuals of mountains, some dude, and wild animals pop up here and there around them. Sound exciting? Ehhh I don't know, maybe there's some deep meaning behind it and if you figure it out let me know.

Now on to 'HYFR' which I loved! Although this video still has nothing to do with the song, this BY FAR (in my opinion) is Drake's best video EVER (yes I want you to stress the EVER). The video starts with a young Drizzy at his first Bar Mitzvah dancing and then segue's into his re-Bar Mitzvah to show his commitment to the Jewish religion. This is certainly one Bar Mitzvah I wish I could have attended. Oh yea, that's Weezy in the stupid panda mask, ENJOY!

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