Even though the release of Ne-Yo's sixth studio album, 'Non-Fiction,' is still a few weeks away, he's doing a stellar job of reminding folks why he's reached global popularity since hitting the scene almost nine years ago.

After releasing 'Religious / Rachet Wit Yo Friends' and 'She Knows,' the singer-songwriter delivers 'Make it Easy,' a tune that asks the question, "Would you still love me even if I wasn't rich and famous?"

"Do you love me for me though? The real me not my fly alter ego / I know I'm never not fly but if I ever was would you still ride? / If it's early in the morning and my breath stink / Would you still roll over kissin' on me like it ain't? / If I didn't have millions in the bank, I'm talking cardboard box and a fish tank," he asks.

By the sound of it, the Las Vegas native could have another hit record on his hands since the song is rich in melody and delivers a catchy hook. The subject matter is universal, too. Who doesn't want to be loved for the person they really are rather than for their net worth?

So far, Ne-Yo has released some pretty strong material for the new album, and if he stays on this route he'll have a very fruitful 2015.

'Non-Fiction' hits stores Jan. 27, but you can pre-order the album now on iTunes.

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