According to Spectrum, Troy police are dealing with a murder, suicide attempt in Troy just before the Christmas holiday. Fifty-seven-year-old Mark Sousie shot and killed his wife, 54-year-old Lisa Sousie, and then turned the gun on himself but survived!

Police stated the pair were married for decades, but had been estranged for the last several weeks. Who knows what could have led up to this tragedy, but their adult son was home when the parents started arguing, so perhaps they can get more info on what really went down with these two.

Murder-Suicides happen more often during the Holidays, it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holidays can add a tremendous amount of stress and strain on families. Especially to those who already have drama going on in their lives. We must all remember to breathe and walk away from situations before the escalate into death and mourning.

Once this guy comes out of surgery he will be charged with his wife’s murder. So sad.

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