If you're trying to decide what you should dress up as this year, there are a few costumes that are popular in pop culture that are all the rage this Halloween!

The ever popular adult female costumes are sexy witches, sexy nurse, Red Riding hood, bumble bees, lady bugs, leopard kitties & Catwoman.  Well this year add Miley Cyrus's look for the VMA's as one of the most popular costumes of 2013!  The Black Widow & Wonder Woman are popular this year, along with Fair maidens as in the hit cable series "Game of Thrones".

For the adult guys, superheros, pirates, vampires, scary masks, horror movie icons like Jason, Freddy or Michael Myers have always been popular.  This year add superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman and Superman to that list as well. The Zombie craze is bigger than ever with hit shows like "The Walking Dead" and movies like "World War Z." The characters of the hit show "Duck Dynasty" are a trendy pick this year with the camouflage pants and long beards. "Game of Thrones" has also made the knight costume a popular pick this year.

For the kiddies, fairies, princesses, Disney characters, Harry Potter, bumble bees, witches, superheroes, animals, ghosts and pumpkins are the norm.

With all the popular pet costumes, expect trick-or-treaters to take Fido along for the fun too! Pet costumes such as pumpkins, witches, vampires, ghosts, cheerleaders, mermaids, batman/batgirl, butterflies and fancy fun collars are so adorable on your pet.

I may be cat crazy but last year I dressed my Persian cat as a rocker bat chick and the kids loved it!  My cat even helped hang around to help hand out candy to the kids! The kids got a kick out of it, petting her and they thought she was a dog! Cause how many times do you actually see a cat dressed up?!

As for me, I have a long history of fun costumes I can dig out the attic crate, like a sexy witch, leopard kitty, Playboy bunny, Beyoncé's version of Foxy Cleopatra, gangsta girl or hippie chic. Whatever I decide, trust me, you will not see me as Miley Cyrus!

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