Morgan Wallen gives SPAC VIP to a recently arrested super fan!

A Morgan Wallen superfan from New Hampshire was treated to VIP at SPAC last night during Wallen's sold-out show,  just one week after this young man's arrest went viral.

You may have heard the story about a Morgan Wallen superfan who got arrested in New Hampshire last week for underage possession of alcohol while wearing a t-shirt that had Morgan Wallen's mugshot on it!

Though it was a day this man probably wants to forget, what happened in the days that followed is nothing short of amazing.

A few hours before Morgan Wallen was set to perform in front of a sold-out crowd at Saratoga Performing Arts Center,  I saw a guy (waiting to use the bathroom) wearing a shirt that caught my attention.

The t-shirt he was wearing at Thursday night's concert had Morgan Wallen's mugshot on it -  you may remember the photo from May 2020 when Wallen was arrested for public intoxication.


Nashville PD
Nashville PD

I would later learn the man's name - he's 20-year-old superfan Zachary Horne from New Hampshire.

Anyway, after commenting about the shirt, the woman with Zachary, his sister, said to me, "That shirt is the reason why we're here!"

Wait...what?  How did this man's arrest - while wearing a t-shirt with Morgan Wallen's mugshot get them to this show in Saratoga?

Zach's sister would go on to explain that when her brother's arrest went viral, Wallen himself saw it and commented on it on one of his Instagram stories writing, "We've all been there bub...Wish I saw this sooner I woulda bailed him out."

Photo from shows Wallen's response after a superfan was arrested wearing a shirt with Wallen's mugshot on it

Wallen could have left it at that, but clearly, he wanted to do more and really make a positive impact on the fan who got popped for underage drinking, and here's what happened.

Zach and his sister told me that while Wallen was unable to bail Horne out, he did reach out to him and offered something even better - VIP treatment at a future show.

That show was last night, and Zachary, his sister, and 3 others had their own private room backstage at SPAC, as well as premium seats for the concert.  Here's Zachary - wearing the infamous shirt - backstage at SPAC - all smiles.

And drinking bottled water.

Photo: Brian Cody TSM
Zachary Horne from New Hampshire was arrested recently for underage drinking and was wearing this shirt when he was booked for his mugshot. He wore it again last night at SPAC as a Morgan Wallen VIP!

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